Girl power! DeSoto County woman-owned businesses

06 Mar / 2023

Each year on March 8, we celebrate International Women’s Day. It provides a chance to spotlight achievements made by women all over the world, to raise awareness about discrimination and to drive gender equality. Here in DeSoto County, Mississippi, there are many female business owners we tip our caps to not just on March 8, but every day. Check out this long, but not exhaustive, list of businesses with fierce females at the helm.


  • City Hall Cheesecake, owned by Kim Daly

  • Coffee Central Squared, owned by Tina Tatum

  • Herbal Alchemy, owned by Elizabeth Barnett

  • KneadN 2 Rejuvenate, owned by Annie Vanderbilt

  • Saint X Social, owned by Mary Catherine Strider Logan

IMG_5625.png"My favorite part of owning a small business is the relationships I have built with my customers,” said Mary Catherine Strider Logan, owner of Saint x Social. “It has opened the door to so many amazing new friendships and opportunities that would not have been possible without owning a small business. My advice to women looking into owning a small business would be to stay persistent and stay true. It’s such a unique opportunity to be able to own a small business. In the end, it’s beyond rewarding and worth all of the hard work and dedication. The vision of a small business is so personalized to each individual and that’s what makes each business so amazing is watching each person’s vision flourish.”

  • Studio 139 Salon & Spa, owned by Brooke House

  • The Square Cupboard, owned by Jamie Whitley Smith

  • Vampire Penguin, owned by Kimberly Stewart

Horn Lake

  • Memphis Barbecue Company, owned by Melissa Cookston

  • Sassy Girl Apparel, owned by Crissy Stewart

  • Royal Experience, owned by Kyunna Gates

  • Kind Nutrition, owned by Amy Sheley

  • Chell's Aromatherapy, owned by Tamerone Hale

  • J&D Uniforms, owned by Desiree Manjarrez

Olive Branch

  • Athena Coffee Roasters, owned by Laura Scales

  • Massage & Raindrop Therapy, owned by Linda Ross

  • Pigeon Roost Apiary, owned by Jennifer Lane-Watson

  • Pink’s Coffee House, owned by Leanne Nastasi

  • The Wooden Door, owned by Emily Layson

"As a female business owner, I feel double blessed as I get to live out my dream of being a mother to my awesome children and be there for them, and at the same time, live the dream of helping people have beautiful homes,” said Emily Layson, owner of The Wooden Door. “We are always busy, but always blessed.”

  • OB Florist, owned by Dee Dee Erfurdt 

  • Wild Oats Children’s Boutique, owned by Brandi Linville


  • Aiden + Ollie, owned by Kelly Parrish

  • Beans & Leaves, owned by Margarita LeBlanc

  • Blues City Kids, owned by Tina Nesbitt

  • Bodi Aesthetics, owned by Meaghan McDonald

"To me, being a successful woman in business means that I am doing my part to empower and support other women around me,” said Meaghan McDonald, owner of Bodi Aesthetics. “I work with women every day, whether it be young, middle-age or older. Regardless of the age, I truly believe that being a successful woman in business requires serving other women through your role.”

  • Brown Baguette, owned by Karen Brown

  • Buff City Soap, owned by Krista Scott

  • Cloud Nine Massage, owned by Misty Clemons-McGregory

  • City Hall Cheesecake, owned by Kim Daly

  • Coffee Central, owned by Tina Tatum

  • Dale’s Restaurant, owned by Larita Mathis

  • DeSoto Snow and Creamery, owned by Monica Reichardt

  • Faithful Faces Aesthetics, owned by Grace Griffin

  • Fill My Cup, owned by Faith Davis

  • Groove Nutrition, owned by Adrienne Kaufman

  • House to Home, owned by Beth Davidson

  • Janie Rose Boutique, owned by Jessica Russell

  • Kneading Knots of Relaxation Massage Spa, owned by Kasheena McDonald

  • Kutie Pies Bakery Cafe, owned by Karen Todd

  • Magnolia House, owned by Nancy Veldman

  • Mz. Classy’s Boutique, owned by Peggy Forrest

  • Nothing Bundt Cakes, owned by Amy Lupo

  • Oh Sweets! Skin Care, owned by Valencia Leonard

  • On The Yard, owned by Veronica Bobo

  • The Kollective, owned by Tierney Kuykendoll

  • Rockin’ Rolls Ice Cream, owned by Porcher Bryant

  • Salon Haven, owned by Sarah Jenkins

  • Side Alley Gifts & Cafe, owned by Kim Derryberry

  • Simply Southern Restaurant & Catering, owned by Aquila Phillips

  • Southern Elegance Events & Catering, owned by Martha Warren

  • Spa Around the Corner, owned by Robin Blaisdell

  • Spitfire Acres, owned by Barbara Murray

  • Stud’s Formal Wear, owned by Beverly Philmore

  • Sugar & Honey Boutique, owned by Allie Crick

  • The BBQ Allstars, owned by Melissa Cookston

  • The Cake Lady Bakery, owned by Lauren Rhoads

  • Ultimate Gifts, owned by Lauren Norton

  • Vampire Penguin, owned by Kimberly Stewart

We could keep going! We are so proud of each and every woman living out their dream of entrepreneurship here at the top of the Magnolia State. Next time you’re out and about in DeSoto County, pay one (or a dozen) a visit.