Where to get your king cake fix in DeSoto County

18 Jan / 2023
Updated Jan. 2023

It's bout that time, y’all! We know you’ve had a craving for king cake since Mardi Gras ended last year. Luckily, DeSoto County, Mississippi, has several local bakeries that can meet the need. Check out one of the shops below to get your favorite Mardi Gras treat. 

  • s466251806434165860_p37_i1_w3054.jpegThe Cake Lady Bakery in Southaven offers a half sheet king cake, which feeds about 25 people, and a 10-inch round that feeds a dozen folks. Each cake is filled with traditional cinnamon butter but other alternatives include cream cheese, Bavarian cream, chocolate, lemon, apple and cherry. Take note that the half sheet king cake requires one business day to prepare.

  • The Baker’s Corner in Hernando has 9-inch gluten-free king cakes available for preorder. They’re taking limited orders this year, so don’t wait to call the bakery to claim yours. 

  • Brown Baguette Bakery Cafe in Southaven has delicious king cakes available for preorder. Call or email the shop at least three days in advance of when you would like to dig into the tasty treat.

  • DeSoto Snow & Creamery in Southaven is taking preorders for king cakes and selling the delicious goodness by the slice in various flavors, including strawberry and cinnamon cream cheese. They also have King Cake and Praline King Cake Ice Cream for you to enjoy.

  • Gambino’s World Famous King Cakes will soon be available at Beans & Leaves. They sell out quickly, so preorder yours by clicking here.

  • VelvetCreamKingCake.pngIf you’re looking for a new take on king cake, longtime local favorite Velvet Cream in Hernando is offering Mardi Gras King Cake Ice Cream!

  • Old Towne Bakery in Olive Branch is taking preorders for king cakes, too, so give them a call to secure one. Enjoy yours in classic cinnamon flavor or have it custom filled.

Show these DeSoto County bakeries some love and give yourself a taste of New Orleans during Mardi Gras this month. You won’t regret it!